Christmas wish list 2013

Hello there! Even though I will not be celebrating christmas this year, I still wanted to make a wish list with fun things that I would ask for christmas.

Christmas wish list 2013

As you can see it’s almost a trends of this season wish list but I am a low-budget student so I actually did not have the money to buy these things. But if I had the chance this is what I would buy.

1. Number one is a purple lipstick! Yes!! I am probably the only one in the world who does not has one of these… This was a very big trends the last year and I have noticed that even the brand that did not own such a colour applied this to their collection.

2. I actually have 2 shoes in my list just because I am a girl and girls love shoes! Right? But anyways I am totally mesmerized by the transparent heel. And even though I actually wear no heels. I would like to give these a try.

3. I really love the look of this black bag. It’s very elegant and wearable with almost everything! And again i believe that this has been a trend for this year right?

4.I actually do not have a compact blush in my beauty stash that i just can take everywhere. I only have a big palette that you can see in my video. So that is a thing that I really really need!

5. And then this cute hat from EYK! I really enjoy watching their videos and stuff! And a couple of days ago i saw that they were selling these cute hats, so that 2 for the price of 1 for me. Supporting Eat Your Kimchi and having a cute and fashionable hat.

6.The naked palettes… Every youtuber and blogger that I know has at least 1 video dedicated to one of the 3. The sad thing here is that I actually never have owned one. It’s just too expensive for me! But a girl can dream right?

7. This is a leather jacket that I found on I truly believe that everyone needs a leather jacket in their closet just because you can wear it with everything. And in every season! A leather jacket is a timeless piece of fashion that will be fashionable forever!

8. And last but certainly not least…. These pretty shoes! I Think that these shoes are popular in the catwalk because I saw something like this one in a Chanel catwalk show. The only difference is that the upper leather part was a lighter colour, and they looked like socks to me. But I still tought that they were pretty! And to be honest, my fist impression about these shoes were also that they are leather socks. But when you really look at them you can see the beauty I guess.

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Top 10 Christmas gift ideas!

1. Personalized gift basket


This gift basket is a small example of the many options that you can put in a personalized gift basket. You can even put all the gift suggestions underneath in this. A gift basket is a nice idea if you really want to give something but have too many options in your head.

2.  jewelry

Christmas gift guide #1

Jewelry is a nice gift for your husband or wife, and could also be a nice gift for your children. If you want to buy expensive jewelry keep in mind that the receiver may not want to wear it often because it is so expensive. I personally would give expensive jewelry if I wanted the person to cherish my gift.

3. Books

Book gift ideas

imagine that you had a nice conversation about a book that the person you want to give a gift to did not read yet… Then it’s obvious that you have to give that book to them right?

Book gift ideas2

And these are the gifts for the workaholics. A note-book, a journal, a desk planner. The new year is coming and I’m sure that they will appreciate your effort in organising a little part of their life.

4. Cooking set

And for your foodie friend you could buy a cooking set! It’s an obvious move I know.. But what about this molecular cooking set ? It brings science and cooking together and brings a new kind of joy in the kitchen!

5. Clothing

Fashion christmas gift ideas

Clothing is always hard in my opinion… You’ll never know if they really like it or not. So to play save on this one you could give a robe, or a christmas sweater, or maybe a scarf. Pyjamas are also always save because they will wear it when they will be sleeping anyways right?

6.Piece of art

Houten uil -- beeldje uil

There are a lot of beautiful sculptures and other hand-made art on Maybe the person that you would want a gift to just moved and they could use something to make the place feel more like home? Or you just know somebody who collects these kind of stuff?

7. Bottle of fancy wine

Wine gift ideas

The picture already explains it right? Fancy wine always looks nice. But if you are not sure if they drink or not: Do not risk it just pick one of the other 9 christmas gift ideas!

8. Cash/gift card

gift cards and money

The safest and most appreciated gifts of tem all!

9. Video games

video games

If the person is a gamer of course! I’ve noticed that people sometimes forget that you can also give a video game… Or is it just me?

10. Gadgets


And last but not least: Gadgets! They are expensive but you can also give the gadget with  a group of people and you can all pay together.

Thank you for reading! This was my top 10 christmas gift ideas. I hoped that you liked it and that is was useful!

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Ways to wear a crazy legging #1: Batman

Hello you!

Can you imagine Yourself in the shop looking for nice stuff. And then you see that one crazy legging and you really would like to buy it! But… you are not sure what to wear with it ?? well, i am here to help! I saw this Batman legging online and I can imagine that it is hard to style it. Here is a little example and some do’s and dont’s. I hope that you like it!

Ways to wear a crazy legging #1
  • An oversized sweatshirt is always nice with a legging
  • How about a black tank top with a denim vest ?
  • Wear big rings with text on them like this:

  • Wear a lot of clothes with different crazy prints
  • I would not recommend you wearing too much accessorizes
  • Yellow shoes…

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I Lalalove…

When i was bored i came along a lot of fun things that i would like to buy or just adore on the internet. This is a small list of some random stuff that i wanted to share with you.

Crosley Floral Mini Turntable

Like this! Look at this cute turntable from the urban outfitters. I have noticed that the vinyl is slowly coming back in to the living rooms and i totally want to follow that trend. And because a normal turntable looks a  little bit boring to me.


I know i am very late with this one but i sill wanted to share it with you. I really like those shoes. I´ve been wanting them for i while now. Like, almost 1 year or even longer. i really like that you can wear it with almost everything. I have seen styles with dresses. but also with jeans.


And look at this amazing nail art! I really like these type of nail art these days. With vibrant colours and a lot of squares lines and dotting. You can find a tutorial on this print and on several other nail art designs here.


And last but not least! Christmas is almost coming up and i found these adorable christmas ornaments from ciate. you gan give them as a gift or just keep it for yourself. I can totally see these hanging in my christmas tree!

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