About me

Hello you! You are probably wondering who is this person behind this bunch of randomness?? Well let me sorta introduce myself :

I am a 20-year-old girl who lives in Amsterdam. And i don’t really have a lot to do with my life so I thought why not make a blog right? I am a little bit camera shy so you wont see my face that often. Who knows maybe in the future…


 Why Splashes of a pozer ?

As you probably will see on the blog i am a very random person so i thought why not give my bog a random name.

I shall give some examples:

  • I like random music, I like almost everything..
  • I have I very random clothing style maybe you can see it on my blog
  • and last but not least I always get off topic by rambling about random stuff

A Pozer is someone who labels themselves as something they aren’t…..

But why do we need labels?


I think that i also chose this name because I do not want to label this blog into only one section. I will talk about beauty and fashion most of the time but the difference is that I do not really have a style… Do you get me? When I want to dress grungy I will and when I want to dress any other style I will.

I am a super random and weird person and I guess that that’s the reason why I made pictures with me wearing my favourite winter hat when it’s not even that cold over here…

And I’m obviously at home and not outside.


So yeah… This is me!

Thank you for reading this and I hope that we can stay in touch with each other!

I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear for you at all 😛

Just ask some random questions in the comments and I shall answer it!

Okay Byee….


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