Express yourself, just do it….

Hi Guys, I am back with another post.

I have waited for almost a year before I could write another post because… Why actually? I have no idea. You know I always had this excuse that I was busy with school, or that I had to have excellent grades before I could start blogging again.

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But it was all just an excuse.

I stopped blogging because I was very insecure about the content that I was posting. Is it good enough, will people actually care, will my friend laugh at me, I am to ugly to do this. I had too many issues and I was avoiding a thing that I actually liked doing and felt that I was kind of good at. And to be brutally honest with you I am not good at anything as far as I know. But it does not matter because at the end I am only limiting myself.

When I first started blogging I envisioned how I would post something everyday and that it would not matter f anybody would read it.


As long as I could express myself.

And I think that I forgot that when I got more into this blogging thing because I felt pressured to do well and in the end I did nothing at all.

So now almost 6 months later I have made the decision to not care anymore, and I mean not caring in a way that you shall not limit yourself to not do thing that you like. To not express yourself in the way that you wanted to. Instead of thinking what if I want to say why not, I did that crazy thing and it was awesome, I have no regrets. I just feel like my fear of being judged too much has limited me in doing awesome and great things and that needs to stop. So what if people may think your blog is funny, so what if people want to share it. It all doesn’t matter. And the funny thing is that in the end I do not care even a little bit about what people think of me, but somehow on the internet it matters, somehow my face is not good enough (in my mind) for the pretty people of the blogging community.

Somehow even when I say that I do not care I actually do…

But… We, you, me, we can change this starting today! The only one that is holding you back is you.. Yes you! So go out there and be your best self!!

I am ending this post because it’s becoming too long. If you actually are reading this I would like to say thank you, and this came straight from my heart.

Thank you for reading!!