Haircut! And first update….

Hi there! So if you did not knew it already, the long braids that I had in my hair are fake. And it was a transitioning style. And I thought since I have a semi beauty blog … I can share my hair story over here.


Up here you can see a picture with half natural and half relaxed hair. This is the first day wearing my hair so short because I am so used to these braids. And I was scared that I might feel to comfy with these braids and would end up not liking my natural hair.

I have been transitioning for roughly a year now and I thought that it was time to go all natural…

Natural hair

Yayy! This is me with all natural hair! My sister cut it for me. And I have noticed that this is much better than transitioning with your relaxed hair still on your head. Even though my hair is short. It is way easier to maintain because you do not have these 2 hair textures. And I also had no idea how to wear my hair with the 2 textures.

Hair type 4b

I also want to show you this pic of what my hair type looks like. I think that it is type 4b but I could be wrong. I am also thinking about making a hair journey video! But 1 year could be too early to make one right?

If you would like to see any hair tips tell me!

Thank you for reading!


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