Circle lenses!


Hi Guys! I am very exited to show you what I bought this last week. As you can see they are grey and I bought these at I have: Magic colour, Angel colour  CM-835.

Price: 11 euros per lens ( If you order want to them at the same place as I did: keep in mind that you have to buy the cases and fluid separately and they do not sell them at their store)

And the nice thing about these was that they have several corrective lenses so you can still see things when you actually have glasses.


On the pictures the lenses look very noticeable, but to be honest when you see them face2face you will think that I have either blue lenses on or black lenses with big pupils. Some people did not even noticed my lenses to begin with. But that of course does not really matter.


what do you think of the lenses? And would you wear them everyday?

Tell me what you think at the comment!

Thank you for reading!


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