Current fashion obsession: G Dragon

Hi guys! How are you?? I am kind of stressed right now but I believe that everything will turn out how it was meant to be so I think that I will be okay.

So today I really want to talk about fashion with you. What inspires your fashion style? What do you like the most ?? If you have been scrolling around my page for a little bit you may have notices my current fashion obsession. I think maybe 2 weeks ago it was Kyary pamyu pamyu, but this week it will be a very different but still very similar person. This guy is the leader of the amazing kpop group Bigbang and one of my favourite singers because of reasons!

Of course I am talking about the singer, rapper, producer, musician, genius! G-Dragon! Yes yes, a guy is my fashion obsession this time..

Why?? Because his style is different. But I have to be honest every member of big bang has a remarkably different style. But I have noticed that from every member of Bigbang, G-dragon has the most diverse style of them all.

He inspires me to try different thing that may be un-usual to other people and to always define yourself in every way possible! Is this to deep?

Let me explain myself… Every time I see this guy with a crazy new look I am like: that is so G-dragon. Even though he looks super different. He’s still typically himself. While with for example Taeyang I sometimes think what is this.

I have no idea if he choses his own clothing or if he has a whole team of stylists taking care of him. Whatever it is or whoever it is….. I like it!

Thank you for reading! I hope that you likes this post.

Who is your fashion icon ? Tell me in the comments below!


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