Haircut! And first update….

Hi there! So if you did not knew it already, the long braids that I had in my hair are fake. And it was a transitioning style. And I thought since I have a semi beauty blog … I can share my hair story over here.


Up here you can see a picture with half natural and half relaxed hair. This is the first day wearing my hair so short because I am so used to these braids. And I was scared that I might feel to comfy with these braids and would end up not liking my natural hair.

I have been transitioning for roughly a year now and I thought that it was time to go all natural…

Natural hair

Yayy! This is me with all natural hair! My sister cut it for me. And I have noticed that this is much better than transitioning with your relaxed hair still on your head. Even though my hair is short. It is way easier to maintain because you do not have these 2 hair textures. And I also had no idea how to wear my hair with the 2 textures.

Hair type 4b

I also want to show you this pic of what my hair type looks like. I think that it is type 4b but I could be wrong. I am also thinking about making a hair journey video! But 1 year could be too early to make one right?

If you would like to see any hair tips tell me!

Thank you for reading!


Circle lenses!


Hi Guys! I am very exited to show you what I bought this last week. As you can see they are grey and I bought these at I have: Magic colour, Angel colour  CM-835.

Price: 11 euros per lens ( If you order want to them at the same place as I did: keep in mind that you have to buy the cases and fluid separately and they do not sell them at their store)

And the nice thing about these was that they have several corrective lenses so you can still see things when you actually have glasses.


On the pictures the lenses look very noticeable, but to be honest when you see them face2face you will think that I have either blue lenses on or black lenses with big pupils. Some people did not even noticed my lenses to begin with. But that of course does not really matter.


what do you think of the lenses? And would you wear them everyday?

Tell me what you think at the comment!

Thank you for reading!

Current fashion obsession: G Dragon

Hi guys! How are you?? I am kind of stressed right now but I believe that everything will turn out how it was meant to be so I think that I will be okay.

So today I really want to talk about fashion with you. What inspires your fashion style? What do you like the most ?? If you have been scrolling around my page for a little bit you may have notices my current fashion obsession. I think maybe 2 weeks ago it was Kyary pamyu pamyu, but this week it will be a very different but still very similar person. This guy is the leader of the amazing kpop group Bigbang and one of my favourite singers because of reasons!

Of course I am talking about the singer, rapper, producer, musician, genius! G-Dragon! Yes yes, a guy is my fashion obsession this time..

Why?? Because his style is different. But I have to be honest every member of big bang has a remarkably different style. But I have noticed that from every member of Bigbang, G-dragon has the most diverse style of them all.

He inspires me to try different thing that may be un-usual to other people and to always define yourself in every way possible! Is this to deep?

Let me explain myself… Every time I see this guy with a crazy new look I am like: that is so G-dragon. Even though he looks super different. He’s still typically himself. While with for example Taeyang I sometimes think what is this.

I have no idea if he choses his own clothing or if he has a whole team of stylists taking care of him. Whatever it is or whoever it is….. I like it!

Thank you for reading! I hope that you likes this post.

Who is your fashion icon ? Tell me in the comments below!