7 Tips for getting stronger nails!

Hi guys! This is an article that i have promised to make for somebody a long time ago… So here it finally is! 7 tips for getting stronger nails!

BE creative make up sin 013 swatch

1. Do not use chemical stuff on your hands.

To take care of your nails the best way possible I recommend using a nail polish remover without acetone because it can soften your nails. I also recommend using rubber gloves while cleaning or using a lot of water. This is to prevent the nails from getting soaked and damaged while you are cleaning.

2. Do not cut your cuticles

Instead of removing them, use cuticle remover, or massage your cuticles with coconut oil or cuticle cream to stimulate healthy nail growth.

3. Moisturize your hands and nails

Your nails will get dehydrated just like your skin, especially if you’re using nail polish remover on them. Tip: when you put creme in your skin, also put some on your nails.

4. Push back your cuticles.

Gently push back nail cuticles to encourage healthy nail growth.

5.Use a weekly nail maintainance plan

This is the maintaining part. If you take care of your hands weekly your nails will grow stronger with time.

6 Always keep a nail file in your purse

This is just in case your nail breaks. If you just pull it off it will be bad for your nails because you might unintentionally be pulling it of in layers. And that can damage your nail in long terms.

7. Do not pluck away old nail polish, swipe it!

While plucking away old nail polish you can accidentally pluck your nails off. and  that’s not what we want right?


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