Review: Rituals Mask And Scrub

Hello there ! So today is the day that I’m reviewing the 2 rituals products that were in the glamour welcome box.

pozerrr 88

As you can see the packaging is almost identical but the flowers are beautiful. The first product is a scrub and the second one is a mask.

Scrub: Honestly I did not knew that the product was a face scrub! But when I used it I felt these super small pieces scrubbing my face. They were very fine and almost felt like nothing at all. But do nut underestimate the small pieces! Because I did feel an exfoliating sensation on my face while using this product. So I guess it dos what it claims to do.

Mask: The mask is a mask that should apply moisture for the dry skin. I used this after i used The scrub and what I noticed is that the first minutes it has a white colour on my face and then when you leave it on for a while. Your face takes all the moisture and leaves an oily base that you can message in on your face. My face felt moisture for a while but the next day I was back to a dry face again.

The scent of the products are actually very pleasant and the same. I think that this rituals product is more fo relaxation sake than for intense face cleansing because even though I’m not really satisfied with the product. I felt totally relaxed while using this.

So my conclusion is: nice sent, beautiful package but not what I am used to.

Thank you for reading!

I hope that this review was useful! If it was not useful enough feel free to ask questions in the comments!


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