My iphone accessories

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Hello there! I wanted to make i fun visual post for you by showing several mobile accessories that  Iown have owned. And the different types of mobile accessories that I actually know something about. I will also show wich one I like the most and the plus points and negative points. (And i played a lot with my new camera!!) So check it out :)!


Earphone Jack Accessories

iphone gadgets 2x

This cute little thing is what you call  Earphone Jack accessories. I won this cute thing on a YouTube giveaway from Smiling Seoul, she is one of my favourite youtubers! I think this is very cute because it is so small. But you could easily lose it and when you have a iPhone 5 it will be on the down side of your phone instead of up. And it looks cuter when it is standing like a mascot on top of your phone.(in my opinion anyways.

Wallet/purse case 

iphone gadgets3x

The wallet case is very handy if you do not like to have a lot of stuff with you. You can put a few passes, money and change in the sections. This version also comes with a big chain so that you can hold the wallet/phone like a real purse. I think that this is a cute idea, it looks fancy and will keep your phone protected. Even when you do not want to use the wallet because this version is with a separate mobile case. I would recommend this one when you don’t like big wallets and a lot of luggage.

Phone stickers

iphone gadgets4x

I love this one soo much! Even though it does not protect your phone in any way. It still gives you the chance to personalize your phone. And that is something that is needed to keep your stuff original. ( if you like that) The only negative point that I can give for this one is that it is hard to actually put the sticker on the phone and that it is not reusable. You have to have a lot of patience for that, but when you are finished you will have an original cellphone.

Sillicone Cases 

iphone gadgets 5xThese come in all different shapes for example: rilakkuma, stitch and the rabbit ears. These are a great protection for your phone and they do not break easily like the plastic mobile cases! They can het very dirty though. Like for example if you have a white one the colour of your pocket can smudge on it. And if it is broken it kind of rips. But i still like these though.

Portable charger/ Plastic case

iphone gadgets6x

I also had a portable charger for a year or so, It was a very cheap one and totally not recommended. I know for a fact that there is a better one on the market but it’s a bit expensive. It’s calles the ”juice pack”, so if you are curious about that you can look it up.   And then he last product I’m going to talk about is the plastic phone case. It is very handy but… it breaks to fast in my opinion. This case broke the first day I used it. And it is very hard to remove your phone from the case.  But the images are nice and you can also personalize this one.

I hope that this article gave you a little bit knowledge of some phone  Accessories and insight on what you may like the best.

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Thank you for reading!


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