Unboxing: Glamour suprise welcome box

Hello there! So a month ago my curiosity got the best of me and I subscribed to a magazine called Glamour. It is a nice magazine with beauty fashion and lifestyle. The offer was getting the magazine for 12 months for a small price and receiving a surprise box. And of course the word surprise made me buy it. And because it contains some nice product I would like to show it to you!

Glamour box 1

Here is the inside of the box… As you can see it is emptier than expected, at least in my opinion. But there are some cute stuff in it . Below you can see individual pics of the products.

Glamourbox 2

As you can see over here it contained a super cute tumbler with: It’s the inside that counts on it. A rituals cream and it also contained  a mask but it looked exactly the same so I just made one picture. ( A review will be posted) And a glamour case for the iPhone 4. I like the stuff but I have no idea what to do with the phone case because I have an iPhone 5.

Glamourbox 3

And second to last here is a cool Polaroid sun glasses. I do not know anything about this brand but the glasses looks nice. I also got a gift card for the shop men at work with a worth of 65 euros.

Overall I really like the products in the box. Of course it is a surprise box so you’ll never know what to expect. And I like that. Even though there where only a hand full of products.

I hope that you liked this post. It was just a random thing but I really enjoyed writing this and making the pictures. If you like my blog please comment and subscribe.

Thank you for reading!


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