I Lalalove…

When i was bored i came along a lot of fun things that i would like to buy or just adore on the internet. This is a small list of some random stuff that i wanted to share with you.

Crosley Floral Mini Turntable

Like this! Look at this cute turntable from the urban outfitters. I have noticed that the vinyl is slowly coming back in to the living rooms and i totally want to follow that trend. And because a normal turntable looks a  little bit boring to me.


I know i am very late with this one but i sill wanted to share it with you. I really like those shoes. I´ve been wanting them for i while now. Like, almost 1 year or even longer. i really like that you can wear it with almost everything. I have seen styles with dresses. but also with jeans.


And look at this amazing nail art! I really like these type of nail art these days. With vibrant colours and a lot of squares lines and dotting. You can find a tutorial on this print and on several other nail art designs here.


And last but not least! Christmas is almost coming up and i found these adorable christmas ornaments from ciate. you gan give them as a gift or just keep it for yourself. I can totally see these hanging in my christmas tree!

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Thank you for reading!


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