BE Creative make up review: lipstick, nailpolish

BE lipstick 014 Rebel

A few days ago I went to the Grazia beauty bloggers masterclass. It was a very informative day for me and I wanted to start blogging again! I´m very exited to try out the new things that i´ve learned. On the event we also got a goodie bag with a lot of nice products to try out. The products that I’m reviewing now are just a small part of the bag but I still wanted to show a part of it.

BE Creative Make Up is a new make up brand that is only available at the ici paris. And is very affordable in my opinion.


This is me with the lipstick on. As you can see its very pigmented and has a bright red colour. What i loved about this lipstick is that it felt like a lip balm and stayed  on my lips for quite a while.

Grade: (1/10) 9                                                                                                                             Plus points: Feels like lip balm, nice bright colour                                                                     Negative points: leaves stains on everything (mugs, cups, kisses)

Price: €12,95

And now on to the nailpolish…

Be creative make up 013 Sin nailpolish

The colour is a dark plum colour with a beautiful kind of shimmer in the light. A cute detail on the bottle is that you can use the cap as a support to put youe nail on. (like in the picture above) I do not know if it is a new concept in the nail polish world but I have never heard of this before. But I think it is cute though!

BE creative make up sin 013 swatch

In the picture i only have one coat on and as you can see it covers very nicely. And i would totally reccomend this colour. And it totally fits the autumn vibe! But to be honest, it is just a regular nail polish. But the cap makes it just a little bit more special to me.

Grade: 8                                                                                                                                           Plus points: You only need one layer                                                                                 Negative points: Expensive

Price:€ 8,95

Thank you for reading! If you like this go ahead and  comment and subscribe!

*I recieved the products from a goodie bag, You can buy this product in the ici paris.


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