Just a little tip

Put your grapes or other fruit in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to create delicous and beautifull “ice fruits”….


As you can see this can be a cute addition to your drink. And i think that it looks nicer than ice cubes, and instead of all the water of the ice cubes the juices of the fruit will slightly go into your drink.


Variations of frozen fruits and drinks:

Strawberries and champagne
Grapes and wine
Blueberries and a cocktail

But mine in the picture is just syrup with grapes.


I really hope that you will give this a try!
And have a nice sunday!



foto (4)

Hello you! Today i’d like to talk about one of my biggest dreams. I am a surinamese girl living in Amsterdam. I’ve only been out of europe twice and i can’t even remember what i did there. I’m currently following a english education in the hope that i get to travel for my job that i don’t even have. But i can dream and hope right??


This is also the reason why i’m blogging in English to reach more people who are interested in other cultures and languages like me! So maybe we can show each other our worlds and our perspectives right!?

But anyway instead of only dreaming and hoping i learned myself to believe in the things that i want to achieve. And who knows maybe it will come true.

Why i would love to be invisible!

Helloo everybody!


Today i would like to talk about invisibility and stuf. Why? Because i’ve been feeling too noticable lately and come on lets be honest it’s probably awsome to be invisible.

1. Nobody can see you fall down!
2. You can creep on people and do pranks
3. You’re not vulnarable for people’s judgement
4.You can attend everything whenever you like
5. No people whining all the time
6. No rejections from people

And i can go on for at least 100 points of statements that make invisibility way better than actually being seen. But with invisibility you also will be very lonely no freinds and no family because they can not see you! Think about it … All these oppurtunities but nobody to share it with.

This is a very random post but it will help me to accept or at least appraciate all the people in our lifes.. I guess. That’s all for todayy byee 😀

Soo tell me in the comments what you think about invisibility…