These are a few of my favorite things…

Hello You!
Soo i heard this song the other day and i thought why not share my random favorite things with you guys…..

Reading a book, surfing on the internet or watching TV for me they are way better with a nice warm cup of tea ( or hot chocolate).

I really really like baking and decorating cupcakes! It’s like making a litle piece of art and then rewarding yourself by eating it right?

And of course like almost every girl i really really like chocolate but not like an addiction i just have those moments that i really need chocolate and then i’m over it.


Before this becomes a food post 😛 i also really really like music. And not like only a few genres. I really like almost everything. Sometimes i just sit in my room and only listen to music without doing anything else and i really enjoy it :).

Yess! YouTube i absolutely enjoy watching YouTube videos but i have to admit its very addictive. I always go to that website with the intention to only watch 1 video but then one hour later i’m still watching random things.

Bubbles!! This can sound really childish from a 19 year old girl. But, i really, really like bubbles. A lot of people don’t know this but i actually have a bubble shooter >_<. But i Don’t care cuz a really like it even though i haven’t used it in a while it really amuses me.

Thank you for reading a few of my Favorite things. So i was wondering.. what are your favorite things?

And because you made it to the end i shall share my least favorite thing in the world!


See Ya!


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