New years resolution..


Happy new year everybody!

I may have started out with some negative thinking with this one. But lets be super duper honest. Are we really going to change just because the calender number is higher ? no right ? I do think that its beautiful that people want to change their lives and make a better start for the new year but, i also think why haven’t you started yesterday instead of procrastinating and saying you will do it as a new years resolution.

But that’s just my opinion. And of course as the weird person i am i also have my own new years resolutions. So i am actually speaking against myself i guess. Well it doesn’t even matter anyways, i just hope that i will actually stick to what i am saying this time…


Yes i know i have to gain some editing skills because this is a very amateur looking picture. But that’s not the point. I made this for you as a motivation to actually fulfill your new years resolution. And it’s not because i think you wont its because i hope you will and i wish my readers the best!

And after writing too much down all i wanted to say is.. i hope this year will be your year and may all you resolutions/dreams come true okay 😉 thats all…

okay byee…



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