My new iphone stickers

Helloo! Do you remember the picture I’ve shown you well here is the result!

I got a new iPhone 5 a few days ago like you already know. and i really wanted to add something personal to make it different from the other iPhone’s i guess. So at first i thought of buying a case but i couldn’t find a case that i really liked. So i made a sticker :D.

The stickers..  (I'ts very hard to put them on! )
The stickers.. (I’ts very hard to put them on! )

I am very happy with the results. And will order more stuff from Designskins in the future. If you want more information about the price etc. click on the link.

Again the back of my phone with the sticker attached.
Again the back of my phone with the sticker attached.

I was very happy with how the back turned out i was scared that you would not see the white letters or something but it turned out great.
If you’re wondering what is written on the back here is a notation:

” expect the best, be prepared for the worst, fuck what others think & do your own thing”

The quote doesn’t really have a message and is not related to a experience whatsoever its just straight forward and i really like it. I actually found it on a website that i cant remember but yeah, pretty cool right?

5efrd 103

And last but not least the front side!!
That’s all for this year. Do not forget to leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading, byee!


New years resolution..


Happy new year everybody!

I may have started out with some negative thinking with this one. But lets be super duper honest. Are we really going to change just because the calender number is higher ? no right ? I do think that its beautiful that people want to change their lives and make a better start for the new year but, i also think why haven’t you started yesterday instead of procrastinating and saying you will do it as a new years resolution.

But that’s just my opinion. And of course as the weird person i am i also have my own new years resolutions. So i am actually speaking against myself i guess. Well it doesn’t even matter anyways, i just hope that i will actually stick to what i am saying this time…


Yes i know i have to gain some editing skills because this is a very amateur looking picture. But that’s not the point. I made this for you as a motivation to actually fulfill your new years resolution. And it’s not because i think you wont its because i hope you will and i wish my readers the best!

And after writing too much down all i wanted to say is.. i hope this year will be your year and may all you resolutions/dreams come true okay 😉 thats all…

okay byee…


Hello everyone!

I’ve made a blog because i wanted to do something in my life… And this this was the only thing i could think of. I also wanted to start a blog because i like to write sometimes about all these random things and i thought why not share it on a blog right?


So i did.. At least i’m trying it right now and i kinda like it i guess. but i have to be honest i don’t have a theme or anything i will just post random things i like i guess. I actually don’t even know it yet. But if you’re reading this thank you! And we will catch up soon!

I baked a cake!

Hello there, i wanted to show you my first vanilla brownie cake thing i did today. It came out pretty well i think.. I have to be honest thoigh i did not use any measurements at all it was a big mess. But it turned out very well in the end i think at least.


Hihi, well that was it hahaha ok. Byee xx